Love Letters: The Amnesia Antidote

Hello Friends,

My brain is whirling…

…fingers are itching…

…anticipation flutters in my belly…

…I. Can’t. Sleep.

Not enough accomplished today! Not enough tweets sent! Still haven’t finished the books on the July Bookshelf! The new play I’m writing AND directing which is being produced needs EDITS! Interviews need to be done. Job applications need to be sent out.


But we can’t do it all, and that’s OK.  And yet, I found myself checking the twitter feed, and I cam across Hannah Katy Brencher and her talk at the TED lecture in NYC, and once again, I am floored.

I am moved.

I am…


I’m reminded of that day when I first discovered The World Needs More Love Letters, and I smile.

The fluttering, it slows.  The itchy fingers, they calm.  I pick up a pen, and I start to write….


Hello Friend,

I write to you at the wee hour of 4am.  I cannot sleep, and perhaps you cannot sleep either. Perhaps you have been

there. Perhaps you can understand this…the restless nights, the constant thoughts, the way your brain can just keep going like it’s the energizer bunny.  It can drive a person mad. I have found that writing helps.

It can sooth the soul in ways that you’ve never imagined.  I found The More Love Letter Project about six months ago, and I mus

t say, there’s no greater antidote to amnesia.  Not even a glass of wine. So pick up a pen, cause as Jonathan Larson once said, ” no day but today.”

Live, Love, Learn,

The Write Teacher 

I’ll bring my letter to the library tomorrow, and nestle it among the stacks of books.  Here at The Write Teacher, we have been inspired by The World Needs More Letters, and we’ve been implementing The Love Letter Library Project…our own way of throwing a little bit more sunshine into this world.

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