Find your inner GLADIATOR…

Hello Friends,

We had the pleasure of watching the season two premiere of Scandal this evening.


When I was an undergraduate, I wanted to go to law school. Money was never my driving force. Money has never been my driving force. I wanted to be a DA. I wanted to help those who did not have a voice…

…I waned to be a gladiator.

Gladiators, champions of justice, the fearless leaders who right the wrongs…that’s who I wanted to be. Lawyers, despite the stereotypes, are supposed to be the protectors of justice. They see past the political and societal smudge, and they defend what is right.

A gladiator is a protector of justice. A gladiator uses the sword of conscience and rhetoric and defends the sanctity of life…

And, on Thursday nights at 10pm, Olivia Pope is that gladiator.

Bravo to Shonda Rhimes for another brilliant series, and an unending amount of applause should be given to Kerry Washington for her portrayal of Olivia Pope.

Go watch Scandal. You will not be disappointed.


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